Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machines

As a Brother Premium Dealer we offer a wide range of Brother home sewing, quilting and embroidery machines, including the Innovis XP1.  We recommend you visit our Studio in Staffordshire to test out these machines before you buy, but if you know the machine you want we can take orders over the phone call us on 01538 371682 or 07970 345628 to place an order.

Innov-is Luminaire XP1

The flagship sewing, embroidery and quilting machine. £11,999

Introducing the flagship sewing, embroidery and quilting machine, offering industry-first technology and brothers' most advanced features yet. More information

Innov-is V3

Embroidery machine £2,299

Create beautiful embroidery projects with the long-arm, large-area Innov-is V3 embroidery machine. This robust yet refined machine offers you the ability to create large, complex designs at speed. More information

Innov-is F420

Sewing & Quilting machine £699

A favourite with sewers and crafters around the world, the Innov-is F420 offers an abundance of features in one simple, easy-to-use package. This versatile machine gives you the flexibility and dexterity you need to successfully take on a variety of projects.. More information

Brother L14S

Sewing Machine £105

Whether you’re taking up trousers, adding a buttonhole or repairing a seam, the L14S makes every day sewing tasks simple to complete. This reliable, lightweight machine is great if you’re just getting started with sewing or want to make sure you can cover those basic alterations and repairs yourself. More information

Innov-is A16

Sewing Machine £359 (RRP £369)

Sewing machines aren’t always designed with the needs of the aspiring sewer in mind, but with the Innov-is A16, Brother have created the perfect machine to learn your craft on. More information

Innov-is A60SE

Sewing Machine only £469 (RRP £479)

Packed with intuitive features, including a top-loading bobbin, lock stitch button, one-step needle threader and built-in fine tension settings the A60SE will help take your sewing to the next level. More information

Innov-is A80

Sewing Machine only £519 (RRP £529)

The Innov-is A80 is feature-rich, lightweight, and designed to help sewers develop new skills and explore their craft. This durable, affordable machine can take you from simple sewing and repairs to intricate dressmaking as you grow your repertoire. More information

Innov-is A150

The Lorna Knight Sewing Academy Innov-is A150

Sewing Machine only £579 (RRP £589)

The Innov-is A150 is the perfect choice for intermediate and ambitious sewers who want plenty of flexibility so they can easily bring all their ideas to life. More information

Innov-is M280D

Sewing & Embroidery machine. Only £1,099

Add a magical touch to your project with the Innov-is M280D sewing and embroidery machine, which boasts 45 built-in Disney character designs. More information

Innov-is F440E

Embroidery machine £1,099

The Innov-is F440E offers sophisticated embroidery features at a more affordable price. It’s perfect if you’re looking to stretch your skills and need a machine that will develop with you. More information

Innov-is F480

Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery machine £1,599

Whether you’re keen on crafts or a budding fashion designer, the Innov-is F480 is the perfect partner when it comes to completing your creative projects. This expertly-designed, easy-to-use embroidery and sewing machine offers the flexibility and consistently brilliant results you need. More information

Innov-is 1100

Sewing & Quilting Machine £849

The Innov-is NV1100 is a top-loading computerised sewing machine which gives you a wide range of flexibility and functionality without compromising on usability. More information

Innov-is 1300

Sewing & Quilting machine £1,099

Bring fashion to your life with the spacious, feature-packed Innov-is NV1300 sewing and quilting machine. More information

Innov-is 1800Q

Sewing & Quilting machine £1,499

Bring projects you never thought possible to life with the Innov-is NV1800Q. This feature-packed sewing machine is easy to maintain and use, delivering the highest quality results, time after time, whether you’re large-scale quilting, detail-heavy crafting, creating clothes, or making home furnishings. More information

Innov-is 870SE

Embroidery machine only £1,599

Bring colour and style to everyday items such as cushions, quilts and lampshades with the Innov-is NV870SE. Explore your inner artist and transform your fabrics with 138 built-in animal-inspired, floral and seasonal designs and patterns. More information

Innov-is XJ1 Stellaire

Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery machine £7,299

Because you’re an accomplished creative who wants a perfect finish, every time, brother have designed the Stellaire Innov-is XJ1 just for you. With the latest in sewing and embroidery technologies you’ll get consistent stitch length, laser straight lines and uniform edge stitching, whenever you sit down to sew. More information

Innov-is EX1 Stellaire


Because embroidery is everything and we know you demand a professional finish every time, we’ve designed the Stellaire Innov-is XE1 embroidery machine just for you. With professional level embroidery technologies and more room to create, you’ll get a faster finish, perfect placement and fuss free stippling, whenever you sit down to embroider. More information

Innov-is 2600

Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery machine £2,299

If you’re looking for a great all-round sewing, embroidery and quilting machine, you’ll love the Innov-is NV2600. More information

Innov-is VQ2

Sewing & Quilting machine £2,299

Allow your creativity to reach new heights with the Innov-is VQ2 long arm sewing and quilting machine. Enjoy smooth, precise stitching on all types of fabric, from silks to heavy denims, with a large workspace and intuitive features. More information

Innov-is V5LE

Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery machine £3,499

Create beautiful embroidery, quilting and home décor with this accomplished and elegant all-in-one machine which makes the complex tasks easy. More information