Brother Innov-is V7

Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery machine - £4,499

Packed with ground-breaking technology, the Innov-is V7 is the perfect companion for passionate sewers.

This machine combines professional-level features – like a laser guide line marker, ultrasonic sensors function for placing embroidery designs, and embroidery foot with LED pointer – with Brother’s signature ease of use and precision.
Plus, you’re getting 531 sewing stitches, 291 embroidery designs, 17 embroidery fonts and a large embroidery area to work with. Put simply, the Innov-is 7 has all the tools you need to take your creativity to the next level.


  • Large LCD touch screen – including on-screen editing for embroidery projects
  • 180 x 300mm embroidery area
  • Extra-large long arm – 11.25" (285mm)
  • Direct dual drive foot, which can be directly adjusted for different fabrics
  • Ultrasonic sensor function for placing embroidery designs with precision and setting stitch width
  • Embroidery foot with LED pointer
  • ICAPS continuous automatic pressure system – continually detects fabric thickness for superior stitch quality


Accessories included:

• Zigzag Foot “J” (On Machine)
• Overcasting Foot “G”
• Zipper Foot “I”
• Buttonhole Foot “A”
• Blind Stitch Foot “R”
• Overcasting Stitch Foot Assy
• Blind Stitch Foot Assy
• Zipper Foot
• Button Fitting “M”
• Free Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot “O”
• Monogramming Foot “N”
• 1/4 Inch Quilting Foot with Guide
• Dual Feed Foot
• Embroidery Foot “W”
• Needle Plate Cover
• Needle Plate Cover M
• Screwdriver Large
• Screwdriver Small
• Needle Set
• Twin Needle (Centre)
• Ball Point Needle Set (75/11 X2)
• Bobbin x 10 (One Is on machine)
• Bobbin Clip x 10
• Seam Ripper
• Cleaning Brush
• Spool Cap (Small)
• Spool Cap (Medium) x 2 (One Is On Machine.)
• Spool Cap (Large)
• Thread Spool Insert (Mini King Thread Spool)
• Spool Net x 2
• Chalk Pen
• Embroidery Needle Plate Cover
• Spool Felt (On Machine)
• Embroidery Frame Set (Medium) H 10 cm x W 10 cm H 4 Inches x W 4 Inches
• Embroidery Frame Set (Extra Large) H 30 cm x W 18 cm H 12 inches x W 7 inches
• Stabilizer Material
• Grid Sheet Set
• Soft cover
• Accessory Bag
• Extra Spool Pin
• Presser Adaptor S
• Cord Guide Cover
• Pen Holder
• Sensor Pen
• Screw
• Foot Controller
• Bobbin case BW
• Bobbin case (No Coloured Screw)

Machine net weight: 23.2KG
Included accessories subject to change without notice.

Direct dual drive foot
the Brother Innov-is V7 direct dual drive. This advanced foot allows you to feed an incredible array of fabrics (such as denim or silk) with incredible ease. The exclusive motor-driven dual drive foot can be directly adjusted to accommodate different fabrics from the touch screen.

Simply set the required feed, using the plus and minus keys, and save the settings to memory for ease and future use. When dual feed isn’t required, the foot can be switched off or easily removed.

Laser guide line marker
The Innov-is V7 includes an innovative laser guide that projects a perfect straight line onto your fabric. Simply guide your fabric along the line for straight sewing, and also for hems, piecing, pin tucking or cording.

The easy-to-use laser guide position can be adjusted within a 14 mm range using the LCD screen. (Use the ultrasonic pen to choose where you want the guideline, and the laser line will appear exactly where you need it.)

Hundreds of sewing stitches to select from
The Innov-is V7 contains hundreds of impressive utility, decorative and quilting stitches, including button holes and monogram fonts. If you can’t quite find the exact stitch you’re looking for, simply use the stitch editing feature to adjust the height, width and density of many of the built-in stitches, which can then be saved for future use.

The Innov-is V7 also allows you to be creative and combine stitches for decorative projects, letters for sentences or even name labels and memories for those special projects for loved ones.

Long arm sewing
The extra-large long arm (111/4”, 285 mm) gives you more space than ever. The Innov-is V7 gives a wider expanse of space for those extra-large quilting, fashion and home décor projects.

Large LCD touch screen
The large, bright, clear, full colour LCD touch screen display offers user-friendly controls to select designs, edit embroidery patterns and adjust stitches. These supportive features make creating projects easy by previewing your designs on the full colour screen where you can also, with the touch of a button, add lettering, rotate, enlarge, reduce and combine easily and quickly.

Fast sewing and embroidery
With high speed 1,050 stitches per minute, the Innov-is V7 will complete your sewing and embroidery projects quickly and smoothly.

Exquisite Embroidery designs
Enjoy creating a range of unique and beautiful embroidery and sewing projects around your home with designs such as the Classic Japanese, Vintage, Trendy and Zündt™.

My Custom Stitch™
No matter which style stitch you like, you have the freedom to create your own stitch directly on the LCD panel by using the My Custom Stitch’™ feature.

Ultrasonic pen
The ultrasonic pen lets you adjust zigzag or decorative stitches. Simply use the pen to adjust the stitch width and position effortlessly by just touching and tapping where you would like the stitch to start. Also mark how wide you want the stitch, sit back and let the Innov-is V7 to do the rest.

The pen also allows automatic pattern placement. The ultrasonic pen works with sensors in the Innov-is V7 to make embroidery placement and adjustment easy. Simply use the pen to touch the required position and angle of the embroidery design on the fabric.

Needle position
Set straight stitch needle position by simply pointing to where you want to sew on the fabric and the Innovis V7 will start sewing on the line.

Easy finishing
Just like setting the start point, now you can set the endpoint for your stitches. Simply touch the position where you want to stop sewing and the machine will stop and tie off the stitch at that point. In addition, the Innov-is V7 will also automatically adjust the stitch to fit into the space – so relax, knowing that the V7 will intuitively stop at the end point without leaving a decorative stitch incomplete.

LED needle pointer for perfect needle positioning
With the LED pointer embroidery foot, perfect needle placement for embroidery is made simple. The LED pointer shows clearly where the needle will drop, making adjustments as easy as touching a few buttons on the LCD screen.

LED needle pointer for perfect needle positioning
With the LED pointer embroidery foot, perfect needle placement for embroidery is made simple. The LED pointer shows clearly where the needle will drop, making adjustments as easy as touching a few buttons on the LCD screen.

Ultra-bright feature lighting
The ultra-bright LED lighting gives a crisp bright natural light, so you can see colours and stitch details, no matter what your lighting conditions. The lighting brightness is fully adjustable, so you can set it at a level to suit you and your environment.

111/4” extra-large sewing space
Create even larger projects with the flexible extra-large sewing space, ideal for quilting projects.

Dual feed
Direct dual feed for thin or layered fabrics.

Central controls
Handy central controls help to make sewing simpler and electronic touch pads provide fingertip control of machine functions.

Automatic electronic needle threading
Threading the needle is so simple, at the touch of a button.

Large embroidery area: 300 x 180 mm
Create large embroidery designs with no need to re-hoop.

Slide speed control
Adjust the speed from slow to fast. This can also be set to alter stitch width whilst sewing.

7-point feed
Super-smooth feeding for superior stitch quality including sideway feeding.

Extra-large colour touch screen
Simply touch the large clear wide-angle screen to:
• Edit on screen embroidery
• Customise your settings
• Change to any one of the 13 built-in languages
• Check the time with its clock
• View on-screen video tutorials and built-in help guides to recommend the perfect setting for your sewing

The Innov-is V7 Continuous Automatic Pressure System (ICAPS), continuously detects fabric thickness whilst you sew and automatically adjusts the foot pressure to give superior even stitch quality when stitching over differing fabric thicknesses. This is especially useful for free motion embroidery and ensures super-smooth constant stitching throughout.

USB ports
Connect a USB device such as a memory stick or a card reader/ writer.

Quick set bobbin
Just drop in a full bobbin and be ready to sew immediately

Knee lifter
Free up your hands using this knee lift to raise/lower the presser foot. Ideal when working on larger projects such as quilts.

Spectacular embroidery patterns
The Innov-is V7 is packed with spectacular embroidery patterns that allow you to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind fabrics or personalised gifts for friends and family.

Hundreds of exceptional stitch designs
The Innov-is V7 is packed with lots of stitch designs to choose from. From large intricate patterns to simple monogram fonts, it helps you select the right design or stitch for every individual application.

We would always recommend you call into our Staffordshire studio to check this is the machine for you.  It would give you the chance to try it out and others in the range to find the best machine for your needs.  If you are unable to visit us and you know you want this machine just call us and we can take payments over the phone and arrange free delivery.  Contact us on 07970 345628 or email to arrange a suitable time to try out some machines or make an order.