Sewing Machine Know-How
Even a fairly standard sewing machine will do great tasks. Bring your machine along on the day and find out what it can do as it is and with specialist attachments and needles. (Bring your own machine)

Sewing Patterns Explained
Find out what all the lines and symbols on a paper pattern mean and make a useful pin cushion in the process.  Materials, notes and refreshments included in the cost.

Zip Tips
All the help you need to insert zips neatly and easily. Learn the techniques for sewing in standard and invisible zips and take home a useful laundry bag and a make-up bag too.  Materials, notes and refreshments included in the cost.

Perfect Fit
Using a commercial pattern and calico you will make up skirt and bodice ‘toiles’ and adjust as necessary to fit your body. When all the necessary alterations are made you will have a well-fitting pattern to use in all weights of fabric and will know the principles of altering other paper patterns in future.

Difficult Fabrics
If you avoid working with some types of fabric because you don’t know how to sew them successfully book on this workshop. Perhaps you have a length of expensive cloth that you are frightened to cut into or you are planning a special gown and want to learn more before you start. Find out how to handle and sew stretchy knits and Lycra, sumptuous velvets, luxurious silk satins and fine, sheer voils and chiffons.

Bags of Fun
After some brief instruction in pattern making and construction ideas, make a hand bag, hold-all or shopping
bag of your own design to take home.  Bring your own materials for the bag but everything else will be

Basic Curtains
This workshop is for people who would like to make their own curtains but don’t know how to go about it.  A whole range of window decorations are discussed including simple draping suggestions, unlined curtains and café style curtains.